Are justin long and drew barrymore dating

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2007 - July 2008Drew and Justin met on the set of "He's Just Not That Into You." They spent holidays together and seemed to be joined at the hip. They reconciled in the spring of 2009, though have yet to confirm if they're back to dating, or just keeping things platonic.It's best to always expect the unexpected with Drew Barrymore, and that has gone for her career and her love life.She dated Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti for five years before they went their separate ways in January 2007, and also dated Gwyneth Paltrow's actor ex Luke Wilson from 1996 until 1999.

She said: 'We're good friends and we're doing a movie together this summer and I think it's very confusing.'We're dear friends. 'I have a time-management problem that's not very appealing for girls.She appeared in a string of successful films, including Poison Ivy (1992), Boys on the Side (1995), Scream (1996) and Ever After (1998).She has also co-starred with Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer (1998), 50 First Dates (2004) and Blended (2014).I'm not very good with that - I'd say that's definitely a flaw that I'm trying to work on.'The couple started dating on the set of romantic comedy He's Just Not That Into You in August 2007, after being friends for seven years.Barrymore's split from Long is just the latest in a string of publicised heartbreaks for the actress.

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