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BIND9 does have a reputation for being complex but you can find help in the pages which are complete, if very long, and there are good books to help you get through (see below).

Statements fall into two broad categories - parameters and declarations.

Parameter statements either say how to do something (e.g., how long a lease to offer), whether to do something (e.g., should dhcpd provide addresses to unknown clients), or what parameters to provide to the client (e.g., use gateway

Declarations are used to describe the topology of the network, to describe clients on the network, to provide addresses that can be assigned to clients, or to apply a group of parameters to a group of declarations.

It is parsed by the recursive-descent parser built into dhcpd.

Comments begin with the # character and end at the end of the line.

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In any group of parameters and declarations, all param- eters must be specified before any declarations which depend on those parameters may be specified.