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But from 1850 to present day, the flowering has surged toward earlier dates at the rate of about one week per century.Consider that in 1850, the average flowering date was around April 17; now, it’s closer to April 6.

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In Buddhism, the lifespan of the sakura is short like the nature of life.

Samurai admired it since their life could be cut short at any moment like the sakura. During spring time all the usual parks and temples even more beautiful with Japanese Cherry Blossom, or sakura, in the background.

As the trees blossom from southern to northern Japan, known as the ˜cherry blossom front˜, friends and family gather for picnics, spreading blankets under the cherry trees.

This tradition of ´hanami´ includes attending tea ceremonies and festivals, or just walking beneath the flurry of pink petals.

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The falling petals are known as ˜sakura fubuki˜, which literally translates into cherry blossom snowfall.

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