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Castro-Rojas has been teaching at CCSF since 2005 at the Health Department, in the Women's Studies and Healthcare Interpreting Certificate Program Education is a personal choice, students obtain an education because they want to be prepare for the 'real' world and therefore, each student is only competing with him or herself, competing to learn, grow and master skills that will be used once in the workforce.

Once the education is achieved, the learning and growing process continues beyond graduation day. Castro Rojas has overseen the Court Interpreter Certification Testing Program at the Judicial Council of California since 2014.

Went into 'permanent Part-Time' position, August 2000, until...?

"Instructional--Educational Philosophy & Goals* It has always been my experience that students learn more from each other than from their instructor.

Project Author and Manager, Emma Murtagh of Pro Avtivate Ireland indicated in e-mail correspondence how studies by Dr Pádraig Mc Neela and doctoral researcher Elaine Byrne of NUIG highlighted alarming statistics regarding sexual assault in Irish universities.

“As many as 11% of women and 3% of men reported having experienced definite or suspected sexual assault while drugged or drunk in the year previous to the survey, while 25% of female students reported being subject to attempted or completed sexual assault in their lifetime,” said Emma.

She teaches in the Women's Health Program the class of Women's Health with a Latina focus.

It does mean, that if a racist, hetero-sexist/queer-phobic, classist, or any other damaging depiction of a marginalized group, doesn't bother 'you,' *at least a little bit*: I haven't done my job.And most of the time, although embarrassing and awkward, it does not make people riled but somehow gives a smile at the end of the task. Truth and dare questions vary from person to person, though they all have a common goal – that of making us understand each other better. If your were told to marry someone you have dated, who would that be? Have you ever wished you had a relationship like your friend’s? Here is a list of truth and dare questions and ideas that you can use right away and take your sex life to the next level. If you are given the freedom to do anything to me in bed, what will you do? This way you can improve your relationship in new ways.

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