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But next time it could be anything else – and the size of the attack might mean that it needs only be an attack on something relatively dull to cause huge damage across the world.

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But because of the lax security software that is used in those technologies – which are often made by unknown companies and sell relatively cheaply – they can easily be taken over.

Once they are, they become something like a very vulnerable computer – and assembled together, they are an incredibly powerful cyberweapon.

People tend to complain when they get screwed or scammed, and it happens.

You might wonder and you wouldn’t be off base for asking.

Direct messaging is one of the main features of this app.

To be involved in the attack, you wouldn’t need to do more than buy a common webcam – perhaps for keeping an eye on your house, or a pet that lives in it – or any other connected home or internet of things device.

Each internet of things device might only be small, but if they are harnessed together they can be pointed at one specific part of the internet and cause it to fall over. Large swathes of the internet became inaccessible because apparently innocent devices started hurling requests at one specific server, causing it to break and no longer provide the information that it would usually.

Some of the webcams that have vulnerabilities that would allow them to be attacked in such a way are already being recalled after last week’s attack.

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