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So, do you think Scott Peterson is getting what he deserves?Or would you rather he lived long enough to be lethally injected like the court ordered?The cover of this week’s GLOBE features a photo of a frail Scott and screams, “.” Ironically Scott is now only 42 years old – but it seems that nature is taking its course, and one of America’s most hated men is going to die one way or another.

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Everyone knows that Will and his lady love Rebecca Staab are passionate about animal rescue and have opened their home to many fur babies.

Will shared that one of his beloved doggies was killed Sunday that he’s loved for more …

Or maybe you just like watching true amateurs get it on in real-life party situations?

If any of those statements are true then you should definitely consider checking out Dirty Dating Live.

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You also can get the inside story on Sofia Loren’s affair with Cary Grant, and learn the “tragic secret” that ‘Kotter’ star Marcia Strassman took to the grave.