Jake gyllenhaal anne hathaway dating

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A fan posted a picture of them on Instagram—and things took off from there.An insider tells Us, however, that Gyllenhaal, 33, and Mc Adams, 35, are simply doing their due diligence to prepare for their new film, actor as a boxer. It's really coming together," the source says, noting that they have "good chemistry." Adds another source: "Jake and Rachel are just friends." PHOTOS: Hollywood's platonic pals The PHOTOS: Love on set As for their most recent outing to Madison Square Garden for the Cotto/Martinez match, where they were photographed arriving in the same car?The 29-year-old actor practically made us melt when he told us how he was Anne Hathaway's knight in shining armor on the set of "It's a naturally awkward thing to be having fake cinematic sex with anybody, so I feel like with an actress (a woman in particular) when you're on a set and dealing with what is usually a majority of men on a movie set, I always feel like it's my responsibility to kind of protect and make sure that she feels comfortable because they tend to be more objectified," Jake told Hollywood at the He continued, "So to ease her and make her feel comfortable, I was always like, Where do you want me to go? "What I think I learned most of all was when making a movie, particularly a love story, in order to have a great creative process and be open and ready and game for anything, you kind of have to fall in love with everybody involved.I certainly did in some ways with Ed [Zwick] and Anne. He adds that if his mom were to ask him to meet someone, he would."Absolutely, I would trust my mom." says Gyllenhaal.

He has the type of charm and personality (think NPH only hotter) that, with an honest assessment of himself, he could've been the first major out star who still pleases the masses. I've also wondered for a while where the hard evidence is that Jake is gay...We can now all sit back and watch the rest of his career tank and his tabloid career continue to make him look like a huge asshole.And the stories that his PR gives to the tabloids about him and Taylor make him look like a total moron.Didn't think that anything could be as bad as the showmance with Reese, but the latest beard, Taylor Swift, is even worse.Jake's latest showmance actually makes him look more pathetic and desperate and gay then being with Reese ever did.

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I have not seen good proof one way or the other about his sexuality so it is a bit of a non issue, until he does, or until there is some real evidence.