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Outlook calendar not updating correctly

When I create or update a calendar event on one device, it is not being propagated to my other devices via i Cloud despite having i Cloud enabled for calendars on all my devices and the Apple ID being the same everywhere. I have had the same issue pop up over and over, seems the only way to fix is to delete and re add.

For Google Calendar: If you're running on a device with Android 4.0 or higher, please install the official Google Calendar app.

The cause is the same with the Auto Complete/Auto Suggest getting empty in previous versions of Outlook; an add-in preventing Outlook from shutting down properly or even crashing it.

An example of an add-in which has caused a lot of issues is the “Outlook Change Notifier”. Note that this is just an example; other add-ins can cause the same issues as well.

As a result, Outlook writes a corrupted Auto Complete list when shutting down and cannot be loaded anymore when you start Outlook the next time.

While this solution discusses the Outlook Change Notifier add-in, other add-ins could cause the same issues and therefor the solution discussed here can be applied to other add-ins as well.

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To fix the problem, you need to limit the mailbox size in GSSMO. Or, you can increase the size limit of your PST file in Outlook.

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