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Reallifecam com movies

He begrudgingly befriends a newly single mom and her 3 girls who help him find the inspiration to write again.

A romantic comedy: Alex is an author whose writer's block and gambling debts have landed him in a jam.

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As Alex begins to dictate his tale of a romantic love triangle to the charming yet somewhat opinionated stenographer, Emma challenges his ideas at every turn.

Her unsolicited yet intriguing input begins to inadvertently influence Alex and his story and soon real life begins to imitate art.

If anything, has more in common with the recent James Bond movies, down to the obligatory sex scene and sparse humor.

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The hyper-stylized violence is fast and furious, and the lead characters are supremely talented at their jobs.

There are major differences between , though: Theron gives a more complex performance than Keanu Reeves (that’s not a knock on his performance; he’s supposed to be a blank slate you project your emotions onto), and the plot is impossible to follow.

The best action movies can be summed up in one sentence.

“Reluctant cop fights terrorists in a Los Angeles skyscraper.” “There’s a terminator, and it’s judgement day.” “A grieving widower seeks revenge on the criminals who killed his dog.” That easy-to-recap premise is one of the reasons why closer to the film’s release date (July 28; it premiered on Sunday at SXSW), but for the most part, it lives up to its “Jane Wick” similarities.

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