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She added: ‘He liked to take on board everyone else’s problems and try to help but was not one to open up himself.’She said she could not imagine him harming himself, saying he adored his family.

However she described seeing him on television with a slight stubble ‘which was not like Gary’, while in another appearance shown posthumously ‘his smile did not appear genuine’ as ‘it did not reach his eyes’.

The current castle site is known to have been used since 1105.

The castle was destroyed by Llywelyn the Great in 1215.

Those words represent the reaction of a sixteen-year old Eton schoolboy named Edward Melville Lawford on his first visit to Wales on Wednesday 12th April 1843.

He spent the rest of the month in this country of quaint hats, most of it in the area around Carreg Cennen Castle, near Llandeilo, and Cross Inn (renamed Ammanford in 1880).

We shall produce the diary entries for inspection presently but first it would be productive to outline his family's background and how they came to settle in the area.

THE LAWFORDS At the end of the eighteenth century a London merchant, Samuel Lawford, decided to invest in land in the tiny village of Trap, near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, and started his family's association with Trap and nearby Ammanford that was to last fifty years or so.

Among other items, the diary contains what is possibly the first record of a train journey along the newly built Amman Valley railway line, with young Melville witnessing a near collision in the process.In 1223, the castle was rebuilt and permission was received to wall and crenellate the town.Carmarthen was among the first medieval walled towns in Wales.It said: 'Gary’s death and the manner of it, made Sunday 27th November 2011 the worst day of our lives.Throughout the nine weeks since, there have been some very dark moments, which we have all had to find our own different ways to endure.

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Most people hurtle past Carmarthenshire on their way to the more famous and trumpeted charms of neighbouring Pembrokeshire.

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