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He smells strongly of a sweet scent when he bends over to make himself heard above the deafening music.

“And I found it all true; there’s so many girls here that you could never have back home,” he grins, turning his eyes back to the dance floor.

so that men could get as much information before you make your choice.During the first five days of his Kyiv trip, he’s already slept with three girls – quite an experience, he says.“My friends back home told me girls here are beautiful and that you can have one for -100 per hour, which is good price for such beauties”, says Ibraham.A group of Ukrainian women have given recent sanctions against Russia a new twist, selling T-shirts with the slogan: "Don't give it to a Russian," in a call for refusing sex to Russian men.The campaign, organized by Ukrainian television and business news journalists, takes its cue from other sex strikes throughout history, and has inspired a range of interpretations - not all sexual - since it launched last week.


The second type are those Kiev prostitutes who place their ads in the newspapers.

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