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The image update will terminate the update if it finds these problematic packages installed.The release notes contain a complete list of the features removed.Sorry for the inconvenience — Dago In 2012, we wrote about the IPS repository being in the works. We’ve talked about IPS many times, and while people agree it’s a great idea to have an IPS repository, they are unable to devote time to it. It is unlikely that any of the existing package maintainers pick this up. The closest existing thing is sfe.which is hosted in our domain, but it’s an entirely separate effort which shares no code with Open CSW.On Solaris 10, the minimum libc version for Open CSW packages is 1.22.5.Dear users, our primary mirror be down for today due to hardware migration of our provider.In the meantime you can use the direct catalog from the buildfarm, although it has a slower internet connection as the primary mirror.

If you are currently running Open Indiana, no upgrade is needed.

As Solaris 11 can be used without fee for personal, non-commercial and non-production use, I planned to upgrade my Open Solaris to Solars 11.

Oracle provides a straight upgrade path from Solaris 11 Express or the early adapter version, but for Open Solaris user they still using the last stable release (2009.06) or the last developer release (b134) it’s hard to find information, Oracle does not provide any official documentation.

After you get the basic system running, you'd have to install whatever additional software packages you need and migrate the settings (mostly in ).

If local zones were used, you should create local zones based on IPS packaging and migrate their settings, software and data from old local zone instances.

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If you would prefer not to upgrade to Open Indiana, but instead only update OS/Net and pkg to b145, please skip to the next section.