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Updating unlocked iphone software

There’s a good chance your carrier wants to limit what you can do with the hardware they have supplied you, and that means keeping you as a customer by simply denying access to other networks.

Don’t stand for this telco nonsense – take the power back.

(Some i Phone 3GS, i Phone 3G box might contain a SIM eject tool, but a paperclip would do).

The first time you put in an unofficial SIM card it might take a minute to recognize.

Instead of “No Service” your i Phone should display your SIM card carrier (such as T-Mobile) when the new SIM card is recognized.

If you have mobile data plan, than skip this section.

Apple is selling two different 6s models here in the U. carriers listed as carrying the A1633 model will unlock the phone on purchase.

Press straight and down into the SIM card holder hole.Apple didn't comment on why there are two models, as apparently, it could have sold A1633/34 to everyone and had them be perfectly happy.For the record, Verizon phones are unlocked if purchased at full price.You can't get an i Phone without service from Apple right now. FCC documents also show that there is an A1690/91 model, which Apple has not yet discussed.There are two more sets of models that may be in play. Band 30, also known as WCS or 2300MHz, accelerates LTE performance in some urban areas.

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These methods involved either a quick web search or visiting a shady guy in the market, and the process took a matter of minutes.

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