What are the arguments for and against dating agencies

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A second parent adoption is the legal process by which a gay individual can adopt his or her partner's biological or adopted child.

"When [scientists] make assumptions, they're making assumptions based on previous experience," he argued.

So what happens if children already in gay and lesbian households can't be legally adopted or the parents are refused legal custody of children that are not biologically their own?

Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to petition for "second parent" adoption: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

"If you insist the natural laws have changed, for lack of a better word, that's magical," the "science guy" declared. "You Weren't There""We observe things in the present, and we're assuming that has always happened in the past," Ham explained.

"Your interpretation of a book written thousands of years ago, as translated into American English, is more compelling for you than everything that I can observe in the world around me."What follows is a list of Ham's five best arguments for the Creationist model, along with Nye's five best arguments against it. But he noted a significant weakness in using modern science to explain the past – "You've got a problem, because you weren't there."Ham argued that there are different kinds of science: observational science, which involves the world as it is, and historical science, which attempts to understand the world that came before.

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Adoption extends beyond the traditional concept of a couple providing a home for an unrelated child.