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Who is mathew knowles dating

I’ve been out of the job market for four years.” Self-esteem low. ” In the process of that time I had started beauty school and I had maybe three months to last with that.

After I got pregnant, my marriage just got really bad and I knew I had to do something. By the time I had the baby, I already had a clientele.

And then things got really rocky and my marriage got very tumultuous.

I was having all these problems and I was like, “What have I done?

Mathew Knowles was ordered to pay ,000 in monthly child support at the time.

Last year those payments were vastly reduced, since Mathew’s income had also been vastly reduced after his daughter Beyoncé fired him as her manager.

It’s only a matter of time until he will have to pay child support for her as well.

A paternity suit proved that he was indeed the father of son Nixon, who was born in 2010.

I built a little salon at my house and I’d do hair and I built up my clientele. I opened my business and it was such a success story…it was a labor of love.

Eight weeks after I had my baby, I took her to her paternal grandmother and I said, “Listen, you gotta keep her cause I gotta open up a business,” because I would never be in this position again. That adversity of me having this bad marriage caused me to go and do something about my situation.

Tina Knowles filed for divorce for the first time a month after Alexandra White’s pregnancy made the news.

Beyoncé Knowles's father has spoken of his dislike for her boyfriend, Jay-Z. He is not somebody I like to spend time with."Beyoncé, 23, has been dating the controversial 34-year-old star since last year and speculation has been rife the smitten pair are set to marry.

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  1. Having released six albums till now, his latest one “Hello,” was released in 2015. At 32 years of age, he has got a net worth of 1.5 million US dollars (estimated), which implies that he has enjoyed a lot of success.