Dahling dating divas blog

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Dahling dating divas blog

Since Kateylyn had a dance performance in Salt Lake at the Jazz game, Cameron and I went to the rehearsal and then took the "Front Runner" back home. Nothing like the look on a little boys face riding on his first train.

We saw so many fun things out the window, big trucks, other trains, even horses.

It should be a little poofy, but not so poofy it hangs on tree branches or birds decide it looks like a great place to make a nest. And remember, I’m cringing here—no, absolutely no, sparkle stuff in your hair. Rule Number Three: Okay, I’m assuming you have the hairdo down so we’ll move on to the make-up. Deep red lipstick is THE color of choice and always carry an extra tube in your purse. Rule Number Four: Diamonds are a Diva’s best friend.

I bet you were thinking every hair had to be in place. For now, just concentrate on lower-level, believe me, it will still be worth it. In fact, they can be quite irate, but enough about that little incident.

The thing I do not look forward to the most is that I am going to look even more like a little teeny bopper playing house.

I am meeting with the ortho this week and hopefully he says we can do something else like invisaline.

Marie Antoinette & Edie Marie have joined together to create a fun place to share our ideas and lives with all of you.

We know that our teaming up has been confusing for some of you and we apologize.

Absolutely no actors were harmed in the making of this webisode.

There are certain rules you need to follow or you’ll stumble and believe me, it would be disastrous if you stumbled. You’ll be stuck with the stigma of only becoming a minor Diva. Don’t for one minute think it will be easy, either.

Only with help from my very good friends am I getting close to attaining Divahood.

The pictures in now proof that every kid will open a Oreo and eat the middle first, even without milk.

Thanks for the adventure Cam, Grandma will never forget it!

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