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They have too much drama, too many issues, too little maturity.The Phoenix social worker is looking to date someone more sophisticated, so he'll be one of more than 65 people expected to attend the Valley's first matchmaking event for younger men and older women today at Millennium Resort at Mc Cormick Ranch in Scottsdale.

El VISUAL BRASIL és un festival realitzat per VJs que té com a objectiu crear un entorn de visuals potents que portin el públic a un ambient d'immersió sensorial i creativa.At a twenties club Sam takes Carrie on his lap and kisses really well, five hours long, and again while she helps him pick a shirt.Samantha eagerly reports on a night of sex with Jon, twenties-men are so hot and consider thirties-women a good deal. And then, after another chance meeting, at a wealthy lawyer's new son's rbis, they decided to pick a time to bump into each other on purpose.But for those attending Valley dating coach Joann Cohen's event, the shifting mores of popular culture and the example of Demi Moore, 46, and Ashton Kutcher, 31, can't override millennia of ingrained courtship conventions or memories of "The Graduate." "When I was newly divorced, younger men hit on me and I was taken aback. experiment with people they might feel uncomfortable approaching in a traditional nightlife setting," Cohen added.I didn't know what to do," said Cohen, 52, who now teaches a seminar, "Dating the Younger Man." "This is really designed to help people . To help would-be couples connect over cocktails, Cohen will hand out "icebreaker" cards with questions that everyone should have three new acquaintances answer.

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She talks to Carrie, Samantha and Miranda and finally decides not to do it.

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